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Preterists have been accused for years by other Apostolics of having learned our preterists beliefs by Catholic priests. When someone accuses me of believing a Catholic docterine of preterism I can't help but laugh. Then I proceed to tell them two things: 1. A lot of Apostolics have docterines of people like the assembly of God and other similar beliefs shared  by other denominations but that is usually only one or two beliefs and the rest have absolutly nothing in common and 2. Look at the pot calling the kettle black. The pre-rapture docterine was started by Trinitarians. I can and will prove it by posting one of their tracts at the end of this article. First the person who started this pre-millenial rapture docterine was a man named John Nelson Darby. Darby some believed heard this prophecied by a woman named Margret Mcdonald. Others say that's not true, that Darby himself was the one who started this rapture docterine. Either way John Nelson Darby was a Trinitarian. This was started in the 1830's until that time no one had ever heard of a rapture doctorine. It really didn't become very popular until a man named CI Scholfield translated basically the king james bible with futurists footnotes. Ever since then people have always claimed that they were in the last days. A lot of people have read the bible and seen that Jesus predicted that the generation he was living in would be the last generation before his coming. Since that generation has long been passed it has caused many people to not believe the bible and many have become atheists. Clerence Larkin another Trinitarian who claimed that speaking in tounges was of the devil made the futurists charts that the UPC church uses. Here is a tract written by John Delbert Dehann.

The following tract was entitled:  THE REAPER IS COMING, by John D. DeHann:

"Although the Pre-Tribulation rapture is not specifically and clearly taught in the Scriptures, it is nevertheless a Divine truth. Like the Trinity doctrine, which needed nearly three hundred years to come to its full development and acceptance, the Pre-Trib doctrine was not revealed for hundreds of years. In fact, the first mention of a Pre-Trib rapture and a theological argument for its truth was around 1830. It was from this humble beginning in England, that God the Father revealed the new revelation of Dispensational truth. We may point proudly to John Nelson Darby, as the Minister chosen of God to develop the system of interpretation as we now believe it. The doctrine is a reinterpretation of ancient Jewish Messianism. Right now, God has rejected the Jews because of their evils. But, he will bring the postponed Kingdom when they forsake their sins. In fact, if the Jews were to forsake their sins right this very moment, God the Father would stop everything and usher in the Kingdom. Because of their refusal and delay, a time-gap was created. Into this gap of eternity, the mystery of the salvation of the Gentiles is revealed. A proper interpretation then of prophecy and Scripture is founded in how God is dealing with the Jews. God's focus is the Jews, never the Church. The Jews are the eternal elect and chosen of God. The Church is not the elect or chosen of God. The only reason the Gentiles may be saved, is owing to God the Father delaying the Kingdom until the Millennial, and allowing God the Son to slip in and get a wife while Israel is in blindness. The Kingdom was postponed because the Jews rejected it when it was offered to them. But in the 70th week of Daniel that is future, this all changes. God the Father gets his wife back. First however, he must now get God the Son and the Church off the scene. This is a mystery of the Trinity and the basis of the Pre-Trib Rapture doctrine. Any man who denies these wonderful truths is a heretic and to be rejected. If any come not bearing this message, it is because they are antichrist. Since 1830, the revelation of the work of the Trinity in Dispensational Truth has spread throughout the world.

I confess proudly, that Dispensationalism is the true interpretation of Bible prophecy. First, because it teaches the doctrine of the Trinity, without which it would certainly collapse. Second, because it proves the Father and the Son are two separate persons and have two separate programs in the earth and eternity. Third, because it teaches the divine truth that God the Father is in an unconditional Covenant with Israel, and that the Law is not ended, only suspended or postponed until the 70th week begins. Fourth, because God the Son is now redeeming his wife, the Church, and soon this hidden mystery will be finished. Fifth, God the Father will be reunited with the Jews during the 70th week and will save all Israel; not by the blood of Christ, but by restored animal sacrifices. Remember beloved, if the seventieth week was postponed, then it is a week of seven years of the Law Dispensation not nailed to the cross. This authorizes animal sacrifices for salvation and God the Father's return to Israel through the old Law. Those who deny this doctrine are usually anti-Semitic. Anyone who denies God the Father still has a Covenant with Israel is an anti-Semite. Anyone who denies Israel still has an unfulfilled Covenant in Abraham without regard to Christ, is an anti-Semite.


There is seven years between the rapture and the setting up of the Millennial Kingdom. Those who miss the rapture can only be saved two ways. #1. join the Jews religion and seek to come to the Father by the mercy of animal sacrifices or, #2. Refuse to take the mark of the Beast and have your head cut off by antichrist, and be saved by the shedding of your own blood. The blood of Christ will not save you if you miss the rapture. Only the blood of animals sacrificed by a Jewish high priest or the shedding of your own blood can then save you. You can miss this awful time by accepting the Lord as your Savior today.


The rapture is the blessed hope of believers. You can escape the terrible destruction that is soon to come upon the world by repentance and coming to Christ. Accept the Lord today as your personal Savior and be ready for the rapture that can happen any moment.

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first (1Thes. 4:16).

You do not need to do anything to be lost. Mankind is born in a lost condition. Sin inherited in the blood, defiles all of us. We are born sinners. Because of this, God the Father had to place a pure blood cell in Mary, so God the Son could have sinless pure blood to sacrifice for us on Calvary. Each of us need the cleansing power of the sinless blood of Christ, to wash away our sins: past, present, and future. Once you believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ, you will have unconditional eternal security, no man can then pluck you out of God's hand. You can have assurance of salvation right now and never fear again of missing the rapture.


What is holding back God the Father from returning fully to Israel? How come God the Father has not revealed the location of the lost Ark? Why is it taking so long to find a pure red heifer? How come the Temple Mount has not been recovered and the new Temple built? All of these dear ones, are what is withholding the Father from returning to Israel. The real hindrance to God the Father's plan with Israel, is the presence of the Church in the world. The presence of the Church in the world hinders God the Father. It is the apostate Catholic Church and the Pope, the abomination that maketh desolate, the great whore, who is also hindering God the Father from returning to Israel. When God the Son gets his wife safely out, God the Father will delay no longer and the apostate Church will be in for the wrath of God. Whoever fights against Israel will have God the Father to contend with!


One of the greatest mysteries of all ages is the blessed Trinity. Although it is not found in the Bible, we accept it by faith, because the Church can not explain the relationships of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, any other way. It was not until the Church discovered Plato and his pluralistic unity in the oneness of the cosmic soul, that the Church discovered a way to clearly explain the relationship of the three separate persons in the holy Trinity. The three persons in the Godhead are separate and distinct, but they are one God in unity as the cosmos is many but one. God the Son is the person of the Trinity who is now getting his bride-Church out of the earth. God the Father has his program with Israel now on hold until God the Son gets his wife out of the way. Israel is the wife of God the Father and the Church is the wife of God the Son. Do not despair my beloved, God the Holy Spirit will get his wife in a new creation. The unity of the holy Trinity will always be the equality of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. When God the Son gets the Church safely in the New Jerusalem, God the Father can resume his dealings with Israel. At present, God the Holy Spirit is working in unity and harmony with God the Son and God the Father, aiding them in obtaining their Covenant partners for all eternity. Right now, the Holy Spirit is aiding God the Son to get the Church ready for the rapture. When the times of the Gentiles is over, and the restrainer (the Holy Spirit), has completed his work on behalf of God the Son and the Church, the rapture will occur and we are out of here, ...hallelujah!


"Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy (Dan. 9:24)."

This time period concerns no one but Israel. The true messianic interpretation of these verses deal not with Christ or the Church but with Israel. Israel is the focus of these messianic predictions, therefore they can not apply to Christ or the Church. Even the Messiah when he came, did not come during any of this time period, but in a gap (the great parenthesis) between the 69th and the 70th week.

 Israel had sinned against the Lord's Covenant. According to the word of Moses, when they did this, they would be carried captive to other nations. However, if they would turn toward Jerusalem and pray, God the Father would hear their prayers and restore them to their land and the Covenants.

This happened in 606 BC. Israel was carried captive to Babylon. During this interval of time, God the Father tried to get his wife back. He then gave the time period of seventy weeks to accomplish this. When he saw the seventy weeks were running out, he revealed a mystery hid in the Trinity for ages, that God the Son would also have a covenant wife. So, God the Father stopped the time clock of weeks and God the Son became incarnate at Bethlehem to get his wife, the Church. As Brothers Larkin and Pentecost have said, a Wife and a Bride are two different things. God the Son gets his Bride during the Church Dispensation. When that time period is over, the seventieth week begins and God the Father turns back to his wife Israel. God the Father turned back to Israel in 1948. Now we know the rapture can be any minute. The secret coming of Christ at the midnight hour is upon us beloved. Remember, he comes before the tribulation, the seventieth week, "for" his saints. The seventieth week ends with the destruction of the antichrist (the Pope), for stopping the sacrifices in the Temple, for damning Jews by making them take the mark of the beast, and for sitting in the Temple as God.


Beloved, if you are a sinner and you have not trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, do so right now. The time may well come when you will not get this opportunity again. You can be saved and know you are on your way to heaven, if you will come to the Savior right now. If you will pray the following prayer, you can be ready for the rapture:

 Dear Jesus, I am a sinner, my soul is lost. I accept you as my Lord and Savior. Come into my heart and save me I pray. Thank you Jesus for saving me, Amen.  You are now ready for the rapture.

If you prayed that prayer by faith beloved, you are ready to go to heaven. Join yourself to a Bible believing Church where you can be established in Dispensational Truth and in the revelation of the Trinity. Your Bible book store will have valuable books to help you. I recommend you purchase a Scofield Bible to use as a study aid in understanding Dispensational revelation. Books by Dwight Pentecost (Things To Come), and Clarence Larkin (Dispensational Truth), are valuable in helping to reveal eternal truths hidden in the Trinity but now spoken to us by the Son of God (Heb. 1:2).


There is another doctrine going around concerning the endtimes. It is called the Post-Tribulation teaching of Christ. Those who teach this, deny the revelation of Dispensational Truth. Many of them deny the holy Trinity. This doctrine is false for the following reasons: 1. It teaches replacement theology, that the Church replaced Israel. 2. It teaches that all the promises of Abraham for Jews are fulfilled in Christ in the Church. 3. It teaches that God the Father does not have a special time remaining to restore Israel and finish her Covenant promises. 4. It teaches that the 70th week of Daniel is already fulfilled and not future. 5. It teaches that the seventy weeks of Daniel is messianic and deals with Christ and the setting up of the Church and not Israel being set up to enter the Millennial Kingdom. 6. It teaches that the seventieth week is for the anointing of Messiah to restore lost humanity, not that the seventieth week is for the restoration of the nation Israel. 7. It teaches that the Law is fully ended and God the Father does not have seven years of Law remaining to get his wife back through animal sacrifices. 8. It teaches that the Kingdom was not delayed or postponed.

The"Kingdom Now" doctrine is false. The Kingdom is totally and fully future. To believe the Post Tribulation doctrine is to deny that the Trinity is working out two plans, two separate Covenants, one for the Jews and one for the Gentiles. The Post Tribulation doctrine, by its very teaching that the Church is the new Israel, is anti-trinitarian. Will God the Son have what God the Father does not (a Wife, a Bride)? If God the Father does not get Israel back during the seven years of tribulation, there will be no time before the Millennial to get her back? Israel's only hope would then be in the Church. This is false doctrine. In Dispensational Truth, God the Father and God the Son work out the fulfillment of the mystery in the Trinity in the dual Covenants. Fire from heaven on animal sacrifices will soon reveal that God has returned upon Israel. Then, what of replacement theology?

Should you meet any who believe the Post Tribulation doctrine, do not receive them. They deny the mystery of the Trinity and are thus antichrist. They are not mainstream Evangelical Protestants. Any literature or books containing anti-Jewish teachings should be given to an agency that monitors anti-Semitic behavior, such as the Simon Wisenthal Center. Some local police departments have hate-crime sections that should be notified of hate literature and these groups. You will be doing God service. The greatest sin of all is to be silent about anyone who denies the Trinity. Anyone who teaches or believes the doctrine of the Post Tribulation coming of Christ, is antichrist! They deny that the Father and the Son, are working in unity to fulfill the two Covenants in Dispensational Truth. God bless you my beloved.

John Delbert DeHann


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