Apostolic Preterist

Mark 8 & 9

Mark 8:34-38 & Mark 9:1

I want you to remember that man put in the bible chapter and verse. I believe that futurists attempted to cause people not to see Mark 8  for what it really was saying by breaking the chapter off Jesus while he was still speaking about that current generation by inserting a new chapter which was 9:1 that is why 9:1 starts off with the word and.They did this several times throughout the bible. Lets read Mark 8 and 9:1 together and it is clear what Jesus was saying and why they wanted them separated. Here it is - Mark 8:38 38 If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his Father’s glory with the holy angels 9:1And he (Jesus) said to them, “Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see that the kingdom of God has come with power.” It's important to read this together, because Futurists claim that Mark 9:1 is talking about them not tasting death until the kingdom came and they say the kingdom came at Pentecost and the scripture was talking about them not dying before Pentecost. What they believe is not accurate. When you read Mark 8:38 with 9:1 its harder for them to claim this,because Mark 8 says in that sinful generation which lets you know he was referring to the people living in their lifetime and then says when he comes in the glory of the father with his angels. This lets us know that the kingdom was going to come when the father came with his angels which was not to happen until Jesus final coming in the clouds which took place in 70 A.D. It had to, since we now know that it was speaking of his coming in the clouds with his angels, because they would not taste of death until that coming and they have been dead for over 2,000 years.

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