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Isaiah 35 judge & save

Isaiah 35

By Thracia Gharst

I was reading Isaiah 35 and I realized how this scripture really shows how Jesus was going to do miracles and save them not only spiritually, but save them by coming in judgment by rescuing them from the unbelieving Jews that were going to persecute the believing Jews. Jesus was going to get his revenge upon the people harming his people.

4 Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not: behold, your God will come with vengeance, even God with a recompence; he will come and save you.(70 A.D.)

5 Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped.

6 Then shall the lame man leap as an hart, and the tongue of the dumb sing: for in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert. (Jesus did this)

In verse 4 God was to come in vengeance and save them. We know from verse 5 and 6 that it would be a time when Jesus was doing miracles. He came in peace at first, but then he judged the wicked who would not receive or believe in Jesus Christ and his new covenant. Remember Jesus said, I do not come for peace but with a sword.

The rest he saved in two ways, first he came and offered them eternal salvation. The ones who repented and were baptized and filled with his spirit received his salvation, but it did not go into effect permanently until Jesus Christ returned, because in scriptures Jesus talked about their salvation being nigh. Until the old covenant was completely destroyed in 70 A.D. The new covenant and its salvation plan wasn't established.

One reason for sure I know they couldn't be saved until Jesus returned was during the atonement in the old testament they would do the sacrifices and go back in the tent and burn the offering. Their sins were not forgiven at that point, but they were pushed forward when the high priest would return from the tent and lift his hands towards heaven and the people would shout. Even in the old testament the atonement didn't happen until the high priest returned. Then they rejoiced, because of their sins being atoned for the year.

In the new testament Jesus Christ became the sacrifice and our high priest and it was when he returned in judgment using the Roman army that the Israelites sins were officially atoned (Their salvation was complete) that had given their life to the Lord. The second way he saved his people (The believing Jews and Gentiles) was from the judgment on Jerusalem. He let his people know that when they seen Jerusalem surrounded by soldiers to flee the city, because it was about ready to be destroyed. They escaped while the rest were destroyed.

I believe that when it talks about waters breaking out and streams in the desert that it is not literal, but symbolic. The bible says , “Out of their belly’s shall flow rivers of living water.” They had been spiritually dead since Adam and eve fell and now they had the opportunity like the woman at the well to drink the Lords water. Which stood for the holy spirit and never be thirsty again, spiritually speaking, but be brought back to spiritual life. The desert was Jerusalem which is a literal desert and was spiritually a desert (spiritually dead lacking the waters of life) until the holy spirits waters gave life.

I looked up the word saved and it had several meanings from Isaiah 34:4

Yasha (save)

Strongs Concordance Greek Lexicon




yä·shah' (Key)

Part of Speech


Root Word (Etymology)

A primitive root

Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 929

  1. to save, be saved, be delivered

    1. (Niphal)

      1. to be liberated, be saved, be delivered

      2. to be saved (in battle), be victorious

    2. (Hiphil)

      1. to save, deliver

      2. to save from moral troubles

      3. to give victory to

Jesus saved them spiritually and delivered them from death and from their persecutors (The unbelieving Jews) by using the Romans who were getting ready to destroy Jerusalem in battle.

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